HBG® Tape

Hypoallergenic tapes and strips for Hair, Body and Garments .

HBG® Tape products combine discreet Britishness with Hollywood glamour so that you can stay covered invisibly and with extreme confidence.

HBG® Tape reliably adheres a wide variety of skin types to secure toupee, fabric and other augmentations without mess.

HBG® Tape is environmentally friendly with fully recyclable packaging.

HBG® Tape Products

Rolls in various lengths and widths, single or double sided, 24 hour or extended wear, standard and extra strength.

Strips various pack sizes and shapes to suit all applications, single or double sided, 24 hour or extended wear, standard and extra strength.

Specialist products for professional use including medical appliances, ear shaping, hair extensions and bespoke applications.


HBG® Tape Applications

HBG® Tape is used by individuals in a remarkable number of different ways.

Primary use is for the hypoallergenic retention of toupee hair pieces, easy to apply with clean removal without chemicals or tools.

Other uses include: temporary breast shaping, attachment of medical monitoring to the body, pinning back prominent ears, retention of hearing aids, modesty adjustments for deep cut necklines and even as a deterrent against cats scratching valuable furniture.


Where to buy HBG® Tape

HBG® tape products are available from our distribution partner Costumechest and from leading online retail sites including Amazon and eBay , good pharmacies and hair piece vendors.

Contact Us.

Whether you have a trade enquiry or looking to establish a territory distributorship we will be delighted to hear from you. Consumers are welcome to contact us too but in most cases your local or online retailer are usually on hand to assist.